ABATE of Washington

​Kittitas County Chapter​



Article I - Statement of Purpose

1.1 Purpose:

The purpose of these By-Laws is to define the activities and duties of the officers and members of the ABATE of Washington, Kittitas County Chapter.


The Kittitas County Chapter By-Laws shall be consistent with ABATE of Washington By-Laws and policies.

​Article II - Membership

2.1 Definition

Kittitas County Chapter membership is open to all eighteen years (18) of age or older who believe in freedom of the road. Members in good standing are those members who have promptly paid their dues in full. All members agree to support actions passed by a majority vote of the membership of the Chapter.

Article III - Officers and Duties

3.1 Officers

Kittitas County Chapter members shall elect, at a minimum, the following officers: Coordinator, Deputy Coordinator, Secretary, Treasurer, and Sergeant at Arms. These five (5) officers shall make up the Chapter's Board of Directors.

3.2 Terms of office

All of the officers shall serve a one (1) year term unless they resign or are removed or are otherwise unable to continue duties of their office. In the event an officer is no longer able to continue in their duties, the Board of Directors may, at their discretion, appoint an interim officer or call a special election to fill the office for the duration of the term.

3.3 Elections

Nominations for the Kittitas County Chapter officers shall be held at the regular August business meeting. Election of the officers shall take place at the September business meeting and the new officers shall assume their duties at the regular October business meeting.

3.4 Duties of the Chapter Coordinator:

The Chapter Coordinator shall preside over the Chapter Board of Directors meeting, the Chapter business meetings, and functions, runs and the other ABATE events. The Chapter Coordinator shall also represent the Chapter membership at the ABATE of Washington Board of Directors meetings.

3.5 Duties of the Chapter Deputy Coordinator:

The Chapter Deputy Coordinator shall serve as assistant to the Chapter Coordinator and will assume the duties of the Coordinator in the event the Coordinator is absent. The Deputy Coordinator shall also oversee all committees including Security and Road Captain(s).

3.6 Duties of the Chapter Secretary:

The Chapter Secretary shall keep current minutes of all Chapter meetings and submit these minutes to the State Secretary. The Secretary shall also be responsible for keeping records of all official Chapter correspondence.

3.7 Duties of the Chapter Treasurer:

The Chapter Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining accurate records of all Chapter income and disbursements of funds and shall report the Chapter's financial condition to the members at each Chapter business meeting. The Treasurer shall also be responsible for forwarding all State membership funds to the State Treasurer.

3.8 Duties of the Sergeant at Arms:

The Chapter Sergeant at Arms will maintain order at all Chapter meetings and events, and report any hazardous activities or actions to the Chapter Coordinator and/or the Chapter Board of Directors.

Article IV - Meetings

4.1 Business Meetings:

Regular business meetings shall be held on the first Monday of each month. In the event the first Monday of a month is impractical for a regular business meeting, the membership may choose a substitute day and time for that month. All members agree not to consume alcohol or drugs during a regular business meeting. A two-thirds (2/3) majority of the Chapter officers must be present to conduct Chapter business. Members must be in good standing (i.e. current in their dues) to make motions or cast votes at business meetings.

4.2 Attendance:

Chapter Officers are required to attend all business and Board of Directors meetings. Officers who have had three (3) consecutive unexcused absences from regular business meetings may be asked to step down by the Chapter Board of Directors.

Article V - Amendments

5.1 Method of Amendment to These By-Laws:

These By-Laws may be amended by a two-thirds (2/3)-majority vote of the membership at any regular Chapter business meeting. Motions for amendments of the By-Laws should be submitted in writing to the Board of Directors before the regular business meeting. All amendments must be approved by the ABATE of Washington Executive Board before being implemented.